Is it time to grow? If so, you may well be exploring opportunities in mergers or acquisitions.

Lucky for you, Todd Sankovich, principal of The Human Resource has led several successful mergers and acquisitions and can bring his expertise to your voyage. THR will provide counsel through all .

  • Business Valuation
    Without an accurate valuation, the journey cannot begin.

  • Contract Negotiation
    As a third party, we will save you time and money in negotiations. Our objectivity will calm the waters in the stormy seas of change.

  • Minimizing Breakage
    Employees feel the stress of the M&A process. We will help you manage the human element with compassion, increasing the chance you will retain key people, and minimize the stress of team integration.

  • Total Project Management
    The Human Resource employs a Certified Project Manager Professional who will act as captain of your project from initiation to close.

    To discuss your potential merger and acquisition, contact us here.