When your human resource functions are humdrum, you can focus on exciting activities (like making money!) for your business. HR requires legal awareness, attention to detail on scads of boring paperwork, inter-personal finesse, and a willingness to get tough when required. We do this and more for you.

When you hire The Human Resource, we turn your topsy-turvy world of HR into a stupendously simple operation. First, we partner with you to lay a solid foundation that supports optimal HR policies and procedures. Prevention is always the best medicine. But, when the going gets rough, we are here as well, and you are ready.

Simple as that.

We offer a comprehensive list of individual services and awesomely affordable monthly contracts that provide peace of mind. With on-demand phone support and automatic notifications of changes in employment law you will stress no more. Together with The Human Resource, your human resources will become refreshingly routine.

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