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MONTHLY Services

Leagal Easy


Need help preventing frivolous unemployment claims, determining employee status, and understanding the impact of employment laws on your organization? Sure you do. The Human Resource is here to make your legal issues easy.

Good Cop


Occasionally employee investigation, conflict resolution, and even termination cannot be avoided. With the power of The Human Resource expertise behind you, we’ll help you move from probable cause to mitigation…rapidly and professionally.

Rapid Responders


When it’s not a delightfully dull day in HR, you will need us. And we’ll be there. We provide on demand phone/email/text support during normal business hours, up to three hours of remote support a month, and guaranteed next business day response to all HR inquiries. Rapid response. Rapid resolution. That’s super shiny service.

Partner in Prevention


How do you make sure your HR is healthy (aka boring)? You develop an outstanding hiring strategy including clear job descriptions and interview questions. You respond to employee needs and concerns rapid-fire, coaching and advising on their issues and questions on a timely basis. Don’t have the time? We do.